Neurobiology of Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

97,25 € 93,51 €
Douglas Zochodne
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
1 oct. 2008
Peripheral nerve disorders are among the most common neurological problems that clinicians face, yet few therapies and interventions are available to arrest or reverse the damage associated with them. Summarising this important, but neglected, area of neuroscience, Doug Zochodne addresses the peripheral nervous system and its unique neurobiology. He summarises current basic ideas about the molecular mechanisms involved in both nerve degeneration and regeneration and what approaches can be used to address it experimentally. Heavily illustrated throughout, and including a 32 page colour plate section, this book will serve as a valuable reference for academic researchers and graduate students. • Addresses the peripheral, rather than central, nervous system - an area that is largely neglected in neuroscience • Includes summary paragraphs and suggested reading at the end of each chapter • Extensive illustrations, including a 32 page colour plate section, highlight key points raised Contents: 1. Introduction; 2. The intact peripheral nerve tree; 3. Injuries to peripheral nerves; 4. Addressing nerve regeneration; 5. Early regenerative events; 6. Consolidation and maturation of regeneration; 7. Regeneration and the vasa nervorum; 8. Delayed reinnervation; 9. Trophic factors and peripheral nerves; 10. The nerve microenvironment.
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