3D Conformal Radiation Therapy · Multimedia Introduction to Methods and Techniques

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Schlegel, Wolfgang, Mahr, Andreas
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2007
About this software

Recent research in the field of radiotherapy has brought up a wide variety of new techniques, which have a big impact on the clinical practice of radiotherapy. This electronic book gives an in-depth description of new techniques and their physical principles as well as an overview over new technical developments.

Topics covered with this DVD include such innovative subjects as: inverse planning – monte carlo techniques in treatment planning; stereotactic radiotherapy - intensity modulated radiation therapy; image guided radiotherapy procedures – radiation therapy with charged particles. This sophisticated, multimedia resource offers a comprehensive, easy to understand description of state of the art radiotherapy techniques, which will help readers to stay up to date with the cutting-edge of current research.

Written for:
Radiotherapists; oncologists; medical technicians
Cancer Therapy
Medical Physics

Table of contents

Basics and Fields of Application; Patient Immobilization; Imaging; Tumor Localization; 3D Treatment Planning; Dose Calculation for Photons and Electrons; Plan Optimization; Patient Positioning; Treatment Modalities; Conformal Radiation Therapy; Quality Management; Clinical Radiation Dosimetry; Physical and Biological Properties of Heavy Charged Particles; Beam Production of Heavy Charged Particles; Beam Application; Dose Calculation for Charged Particles; Clinical Applications of Heavy Particle Beams.

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