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Lynne Cassimeris, Benjamin Lewin
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Fecha Publicacion
16 nov. 2007
CELLS, the most relevant textbook in the field, is the ideal resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate students entering the world of Cell Biology; it is also a useful tool for scientists who wish to learn more about topics outside their fi eld. It provides full coverage of the structure, organisation, growth, regulation, movements and interaction of cells, with the emphasis on eukaryotic cells. Under the direction of Dr. Lewin and three other expert lead editors, each chapter was prepared by top scientists in their specialist area. Where they are known the molecular bases for human diseases are discussed in each chapter. KEY FEATURES Richly illustrated with stunning artwork throughout including electron micrographs, fl uorescence micrographs and drawings. A Key Concept box opens each section and highlights each topic. ‘Grab and Go’ fi gure titles and text boxes lead the reader through fi gures and illustrations with ease. ‘What’s Next’ sections describe interesting questions of current research. Biochemistry chapters are provided on the text’s website for readers who have not completed coursework or who are in need of a refresher. Contents: 1. What is a cell. 2. Transport of ions and small molecules across membranes 3. Membrane targetting of proteins 4. Protein traffi cking between membranes 5. Nuclear structure and transport 6. Chromatin and chromosomes 7. Microtubules 8. Actin 9. Intermediate fi laments 10. Mitosis 11. Cell Cycle regulation 12. Apoptosis 13. Cancer Principles and Overview 14. Principles of cell signaling 15. The extracellular matrix and cell adhesion 16. Prokaryotic Cell Biology 17. Plant Cell Biology
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