Science in Medicine: The JCI Textbook of Molecular Medicine

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Andrew R. Marks
Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Fecha Publicacion
16 nov. 2007
Science in Medicine: The JCI Textbook of Molecular Medicine is a collection of acclaimed articles published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation during the Journal’s tenure at Columbia University. The society that publishes the JCI, the American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI), is an honor society of physician scientists, representing those who are at the forefront of translating findings in the laboratory to the advancement of clinical practice. This textbook brings together state-of-the-art reviews written by the world's leading authorities, including many ASCI members. The reviews examine the molecular mechanisms underlying a wide array of diseases and disorders affecting all major organ systems. The fundamentals of the organ or physiological systems in question are presented alongside the underlying genetic or physiological abnormalities that result in disease. This text illustrates the translation of basic scientific knowledge into the current practice of clinical medicine. The reviews provide an authoritative and comprehensive overview by building on known scientific concepts and treatment of human disease while exploring where these advances might take medicine over the next decade. The book is a valuable resource for medical students, graduate students, house staff, attending and practicing physicians, and biomedical researchers. KEY FEATURES Science in Medicine goes beyond introductory textbooks to present a more sophisticated, in-depth, and multi-layered view of known mechanisms of disease. It examines our understanding of disease mechanisms for an array of over 140 diseases and disorders. The text is broad and all-inclusive, outlining the fundamentals of the organ or other physiological system in question and proceeding to examine the underlying genetic of physiological abnormalities that result in disease. CONTENTS: Section 1 Cell Death: Ch. 1-10 Section 2 Oncology: Ch. 11-23 Section 3 Immune Mediated Injury: Ch. 24-33 Section 4 Infectious Diseases: Ch. 34-46 Section 5 Viral Diseases: Ch. 47-57 Section 6 Respiratory System: Ch.58-62 Section 7 Cardiovascular System: Ch. 63-88 Section 8 Haemotology: Ch. 89-97 Section 9 Gastrointestinal System: Ch. 98-101 Section 10 Endocrinology: Ch. 102-112 Section 11 Kidney & Urinary Tract: Ch. 113-115 Section 12 Bone Metabolism: Ch. 116-119 Section 13 Neurological Disorders: Ch. 120-134 Section 14 Genetics and Disease: Ch. 135-142
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