Skin Protection - Practical Applications in the Occupational Setting

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Sibylle Schliemann
Karger AG
Fecha Publicacion
5 mar. 2007
The differential application of skin protection in occupational settings becomes increasingly complex. Due to new scientific results and technological aspects as well as European and US regulations that have to be considered in the context of cosmetics and personal protective equipment, the practical application of skin protection requires constant reviewing and improvement. This publication provides a comprehensive update on specific cosmetic products from general principles of composition, protection from specific exposures, such as irritants, allergens and ultraviolet irradiation, to safety and efficacy testing both from the perspective of in vitro and in vivo testing. The second part focusses on special requirements and practical application in high-risk occupations and the respective skin protection programs, also including some critical remarks on the limitations of currently available skin protection measures. For specialists in the field of occupational dermatology such as dermatologists, allergists, occupational physicians, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, pharmacists and cosmetic scientists, this volume provides essential information on practical application, recommendation, testing or the making of personal skin protection products.
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