Genetics and Genomics of Cotton

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Paterson, Andrew H.
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1 ene. 2008
About this book

A few members of the Gossypium (cotton) genus are cultivated for the production of elongated single-celled fibers valued worldwide at about $20 billion annually at the farm gate. These few members sustain one of the world’s largest industries (textiles) with an annual worldwide economic impact of about $500 billion. In a number of ways, cotton production and the textile industry are closely tied to petrochemical usage. At a practical level, cotton genomics offers both bio-based carbon sequestration alternatives to petrochemical use, and improved sustainability of crop production.

The Gossypium (cotton) genus also presents novel opportunities to advance our understanding of the natural world and its organic evolution. In this book, advances of the past decade are summarized and synthesized to elucidate the current state of knowledge of the structure, function, and evolution of the Gossypium genome, and progress in the application of this knowledge to cotton improvement.

Written for:

Researchers, institutes, and professors in the following areas: Plant Genetics and Genomics, Plant Biology, Plant Pathology, Agronomy, and Food Sciences

  • cotton
  • plant genetics
  • plant genomics

Table of contents

Taxonomy and Natural History of the diploid Gossypiums.- Evolution and Radiation of the polyploid Gossypiums.- The worldwide gene pool of G. hirsutum.- The worldwide gene pool of G. barbadense.- The worldwide gene pool of G. arboreum and G. herbaceum.- Classical and molecular cytogenetics of Gossypium.- Classical and molecular genetics of Gossypium.- Genetics of cotton fiber quality and development.- Genetics of cotton disease and insect resistance.- Genetics of cotton abiotic stress tolerance.- Gossypium DNA marker strategies and applications.- The Gossypium transcriptome.- The Gossypium proteome.- Cis-regulation of cotton gene expression.- Mutagenesis systems for cotton gene analysis.- Physical organization of the Gossypium genomes.- Genomics of cotton fiber development.- Cotton as a single-celled genomics platform.- Responses of the cotton genome to polyploidy.- Toward characterizing the spectrum of diversity in the Gossypium genus.- Index.

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