Plant Cytogenetics · Methods and Instruction

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Birchler, James A., Bass, Hank W.
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2008
About this book

Plant Cytogenetics: Methods and Instruction  fills a critical gap in available resources for an up to date collection of plant cytology methods and guidelines for instruction. It brings together in a single volume the procedures enabling plant cytogenetics in the laboratory and the resources for teaching plant cytogenetics in the classroom at the undergraduate and graduate levels. A companion CD acts as a supplement to the volume that includes a large amount of high quality cytology images in support of the instruction chapters, and available in PowerPoint lecture-slide format.

Written for:

researchers, scientists, and academics in the field of plant genetics and genomics

  • cytogenetics
  • plant genetics
  • plant genomics
  • plant science

Table of contents

Fixation, Staining, and Imaging (classical staining).- Somatic and Meiotic Chromosomes.- Chromosome Purification and Isolation Techniques.- Interphase and Extended Fiber Techniques.- Fluorescence in situ Hybridization.- Detection of Chromatin Modifications on Plant Chromosomes.- Media Resources Included in this Book, Description of Book Purpose and Use.- Laboratory Course in Plant Cytogenetics, Undergraduate Level.- Graduate Course in Plant Cytogenetics (with PPT slides on CD).- Lecture Course(s) in Plant Cytogenetics (with PPT slides on CD).- Short Courses and Workshops on Plant Cytogenetics.- Glossary.- Index.

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