Pediatric Neuroimaging, 5/e

264,26 € 254,10 €
A. James Barkovich
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Fecha Publicacion
5 ago. 2011
The thoroughly updated Fifth Edition of Pediatric Neuroimaging is a highly illustrated text-reference that describes and illustrates the full range of pediatric disorders diagnosable by modern neuroimaging. This text covers the diagnosis of brain, spinal, and head and neck imaging in the pediatric patient. It is rooted in the principle that the proper interpretation of studies requires the acquisition of high-quality images and an understanding of the basic concepts of neuroembryology, normal development, and pathophysiology. Coverage is not encyclopedic but focused on everyday practice. The focus is on CT and MRI because these are the optimal imaging modalities in children. A key feature of this book highlights the essentials for obtaining good images and understanding normal development, which helps the reader to distinguish normal developmental changes from disease.
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