Operative Techniques: Spine Surgery - Book + website + DVD

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Alexander R. Vaccaro
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1 ago. 2007
This multimedia resource offers you all the how-to guidance you need to perform all of the latest and best techniques in spine surgery. The complete, lavishly illustrated volume is made even better with a state-of-the-art companion web site! With chapters on such hot topics as immobilization techniques, anterior and posterior approaches, and thoracic spine surgery, you, as well as the members of your cross-disciplinary team, will appreciate the clear and concise, but detailed and visual approach of this atlas and video collection. The result is a detailed, easy-to-use reference that no orthopaedic surgeon should be without. Features Search the book online with full text web access and links to PubMed. Watch experts perform key techniques via video clips online and on the included DVD. See exactly what to do using step-by-step intraoperative photos demonstrating each technique and radiographs showing presenting problems and post-surgical outcomes. See cases as they present in real life using full-color photographs and interpretive diagrams that highlight key anatomical structures. Improve the quality of your technique and optimize outcomes with pearls and pitfalls from the authors. Be more thoroughly prepared with important details on positioning, exposures, instrumentation, and implants. Get just the information and guidance you need with each book’s hands-on, clinical emphasis. Contents: Contents I. Cervical Spine A. Immobilization techniques 1. Closed cervical skeletal tong placement and reduction techniques, Michael J. Vives 2. Halo placement in the pediatric and adult patient, Howard S. An B. Anterior approaches 3. Transoral odontoid resection, Eli M. Baron, David Choi, James S. Harrop, Alexander R. Vaccaro, and H. Alan Crockard 4. Odontoid screw placement, Michael A. Finn, Daniel R. Fassett, and Ronald I. Apfelbaum 5. Anterior C1,C2 fusion arthrodesis, Eli M. Baron and Alexander R. Vaccaro 6. Anterior cervical corpectomy/diskectomy, David T. Anderson and Alan S. Hilibrand 7. Anterior resection of ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament (OPLL), Kern Singh, Alpesh A. Patel, and Alexander R. Vaccaro 8. Anterior cervical disk arthroplasty, Rick C. Sasso and Paul A. Anderson C. Posterior approaches 9. Occipital cervical reconstruction fusion, Howard B. Levene and Jack I. Jallo 10. C1-C2 fusion techniques, Joseph M. Zavatsky and Joon Y. Lee 11. Cervical spine: Lateral mass screw fixation, Kern Singh and Alexander R. Vaccaro 12. Cervical pedicle screw fixation, Moe R. Lim, Joon Y. Lee, and Kuniyoshi Abumi 13. Posterior cervical osteotomy techniques, Neel Anand and Brian Perri 14. Cervial laminoplasty, Chrisopher Brown, Jason Lowenstein, and S. Tim Yoon II. Thoracic Spine 15. Anterior thoracic diskectomy and corpectomy, Max C. Lee 16. Anterior thoracolumbar spinal fusion with single or dual rod instrumentation via open approach for idiopathic scoliosis, Peter G. Gabos 17. Operative management of Scheureman’s kyphosis, Alok D. Sharan and Thomas Errico 18. Removal of intradural, intramedullary, or extramedullary spinal tumors, James S. Harrop, Ashwini Sharan, John Birkness, and John Ratliff 19. Endoscopic thoracoscopy diskectomy, Stepan Kasimian and J. Patrick Johnson 20. VEPTR opening wedge thoracostomy for congenital spinal deformities, Robert M. Campbell, Jr. 21. Posterior thoracolumbar fusion techniques for scoliosis – Lenke classification, Timothy R. Kuklo 22. Thoracoplasty for rib deformity, Suken A. Shah and Mohan Belthus 23. Complete vertebral resection for primary spinal tumors, Rick C. Sasso and Gregory D. Dikos Operative Techniques: Spine Surgery III. Lumbar Spine 24. Sacropelvic fixation, Tapan Dafari and Alexander R. Vaccaro 25. Posterior far lateral disk herniation, Chadi Tannoury, D. Greg Anderson, Alexander R. Vaccaro, and Todd J. Albert 26. The lateral extracavitary approach for vertebrectomy, Kene Ugokwe and Edward C. Benzel 27. Osteotomy techniques (Smith-Petersen and pedicle subtraction) for fixed sagittal imbalance, Keith H. Bridwell 28. Spondylolysis repair, Brian Walsh, Ernest Found, and Vincent C. Traynelis 29. Reduction of high grade spondylolisthesis, Rachana Tyagi and David Clements 30. Interspinous process motion sparing implant, Ralph J. Mobbs and Charles Fisher 31. Anterior lumbar interbody fusion, Michael D. Daubs 32. Transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF), Jacob M. Buchowsku and Michael D. Daubs 33. Lumbar spine arthroplasty: Charite total disk replacement, Kern Singh, Demian M. Yakel, Bart Wojewnik, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Donna D. Ohnmeiss, and Scott L. Blumenthal 34. Kyphoplasty, Daniel Shedid and Isador H. Lieberman 35. Balloon assisted endplate reduction (BAER) techniques, F.C. Oner 36. Minimally invasive exposure techniques of the lumbar spine, D. Gregg Anderson 37. Hemivertebrae resection, Matias G. Petracchi and Oheneba Boachie-Adjei
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