Surgery of the Anus, Rectum and Colon, 2- Volume Set, 3rd Edition

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Norman S. Williams, Michael R.B. Keighley
Fecha Publicacion
20 dic. 2007
Through two previous editions, this landmark reference has established itself firmly as the definitive resource in colorectal surgery. The third edition continues to redefine the field, with its comprehensive coverage of common and rare colorectal conditions, advances in the molecular biology and genetics of colorectal diseases, new laparoscopic techniques, and more. Contributions from international experts on specialized topics and 400 new illustrations ensure that the extensive text is not only current and authoritative, but easy to understand. No other book provides the expertise of a world-class editorial team with the cutting-edge knowledge you need to master colorectal surgery. Contents: 1, Anatomy Physiology, David Lubowski, Mike Keighley 2, Running a Colorectal Surgery Service, Andrew Hill, Mike Keighley, James Church 3, Perioperative Care, Nigel A Scott, Anthony Wilkey, Michael Keighley 4, Surgical Principles, Norman Williams, John Monson 5, Intestinal Stomas, Mike Keighley, John Monson 6, Persistent Perineal Sinus, Mike Keighley, Nigel Scott 7, Imparied Sexual Function After Rectal Surgery, Mike Keighley, Norman Williams 8, Haemorrhoidal Disease, Norman Williams, John Scholefield 9, Fissure in Ano, John Scholefield, James Church 10, Hidradenitis Suppurativa, John Scholefield, James Church 11, Anorectal Abscess and Fistula, Nigel A Scott, Mike Keighley 12, Rectovaginal Fistula, Mike Keighley, Nigel Scott 13, Pilonidal Sinus, John Scholefield, Norman Williams 14, Pruritus Ani, Mike Keighley, John Scholefield 15, Perianal Warts, Mike Keighley, John Scholefield 16, Malignant Tumours of the Anal Canal and Anus, John Scholefield, James Church 17, Faecal Incontinence, Norman Williams, James Church 18, Constipation, Norman Williams, James Church 19, Adult Megacolon Megarectum, Norman Williams, James Church 20, Rectal Prolapse, Mike Keighley, John Monson 21, Solitary Rectal Ulcer Syndrome, Mike Keighley, Norman Williams 22, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Norman Williams, John Scholefield 23, Chronic Idiopathic Perineal Pain, John Scholefield, Mike Keighley 24, Molecular Biology of Colorectal Cancer, Sina Dorudi, Steven Bustin, John Scholefield 25, Polypoid Disease, John Scholefield, Norman Williams 26, Polyposis Syndromes, James Church, Mike Keighley 27, Colorectal Cancer: Epidemiology, Aetiology, Pathology, Clinical Features and Diagnosis, Norman Williams, Lars Pahlman 28, Screening for Colorectal Cancer, John Scholefield, Mike Keighley 29, Management of Carcinoma of the Colon, Lars Pahlman, Norman Williams, John Monson 30, Surgical Management of Rectal Cancer, Lars Pahlman, Norman Williams, John Monson 31, Treatment of Recurrence, Lars Pahlman, John Scholefield 32, Rare Tumours of the Colon and Rectum, James Church, John Scholefield 33, Left-Sided and Right-Sided Colonic Diverticular, Nigel A Scott, Mike Keighley, John Monson 34, Miscellaneous Inflammatory Disorders, Mike Keighley, David Rampton 35, Aetiology, Pathology and Medical Aspects of Ulcerative Colitis, David Rampton, Mike Keighley 36, Ulcerative Proctitus, Mike Keighley, David Rampton 37, Associated Disorders and Special Management Problems in Ulcerative Colitis, Mike Keighley, Nigel Scott 38, Colorectal Cancer in Ulcerative Colitis, Lars Pahlman, Anders Ekbom, Nigel Scott 39, Acute Fulminating Colitis and Emergency Colectomy, Mike Keighley, Nigel Scott, John Monson 40, Conventional Surgery for Ulcerative Colitis: Proctocolectomy, Ileorectal Anastomosis and Kock Pouch, Mike Keighley, Nigel Scott, John Monson 41, Restorative Proctocolectomy and Ileal Pouch Anal Anastomosis, Paris Tekkis, Victor Fazio, John Monson 42, Crohn's Disease: Aetiology, Pathology, Diagnosis and Medical Treatment, (Various), Mike Keighley 43, Special Considerations of Crohn's Disease, Mike Keighley, James Church, John Monson 44, Surgical Treatment of Small Bowel Crohn's Disease, Mike Keighley, James Church, John Monson 45, Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Crohn's Disease, Mike Keighley, James Church, John Monson 46, Surgical Treatment of Perianal Crohn's Disease, James Church, Mike Keighley 47, Large Bowel Obstruction, Nigel A Scott, Mike Keighley 48, Injuries to the Colon and Rectum, Susan Galandiuk, Nigel Scott 49, Bleeding from the Colon and Rectum, John Scholefield, Norman Williams 50, Colonic Ischaemia and Ischaemic Colitis, John Scholefield, Norman Williams 51, Radiation Injury to Colon and Rectum, Lars Pahlman, Norman Williams 52, Intestinal Fistulas, Nigel A Scott, Mike Keighley 53, Colonic Perforation, Nigel A Scott, Mike Keighley 54, Diarrhoea and Acute Specific Colitis, Mike Keighley, David Rampton 55, Sexually Transmitt
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