3d Head and Neck Anatomy with Pediatric Comparisons (Dvd-Rom)

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1 ene. 2007
Add a new depth to your anatomical undertanding, patient education, presentations, and teaching with this amazing new interactive resource. Stunning 3D computer graphic models of the adult/adolescent head and neck and the pediatric larynx, pharynx and tongue allow you to explore the primary differences between the adult/adolescent and the infant. A pediatric tab leads to more content discussing infant functional anatomy with topics including infant oral reflexes, munching and chewing patterns, and tongue movements during sucking and suckling. Benefits: Transform your presentations and lectures. Easy to select a view, rotate and add and remove structures from the 3D models. Use easy edit functions to export any image or animation for your own use. Detailed List of Views: Pediatric anatomy Pediatric pharynx and larynx ~ wide view Pediatric pharynx and larynx ~ close vie... Pediatric larynx Adult anatomy Head and neck Face Anterior neck Nasal and oral cavities Nasal and oral cavities ~ overview Oral cavity and infratemporal fossa Tongue Right TMJ Muscles of swallowing Pharynx and larynx Pharynx and larynx ~ wide view Pharynx and larynx ~ close view Larynx Brain Brain ~ overview Skull Anatomy Section Arteries Attachments Bone regions Bones Brain Cartilage Eye Fascia Glands Lacrimal apparatus Ligaments Lymphatic system Muscles Nerves Spinal cord Tongue Veins Viscera Technical Specification Single user licence Format: DVD-ROM PC compatible only. PC/Windows OS: Windows 98se, 2000, ME, XP, Vista Mac Not supported PC/Windows hardware: 1GHz with 256 MB of RAM Screen Display1024 x 768 screen resolution
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