Essentials of Human Physiology for Pharmacy, Second Edition

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Laurie Kelly McCorry
Informa Healthcare
Fecha Publicacion
1 ago. 2008
  • Features new chapters on sensory physiology, the reproductive system, and the immune system
  • Provides easy access to information through bulleted lists, tables, figures, and flow charts
  • Contains frequent references to therapeutics and the practice of pharmacy
  • Establishes the connection between physiology and pharmacy
  • Highlights applications of physiological concepts, medical terminology, and pharmacotherapeutics

  • Designed as a resource for pharmacy and health science students, Essentials of Human Physiology for Pharmacy, Second Edition emphasizes the connection and relevance of physiology to pharmacy practice. Every chapter is updated and expanded and new chapters are included on sensory physiology, the immune system, and the reproductive system. Revised pharmacy applications demonstrate basic principles in physiology and their use in pharmacy practice. Each chapter also offers medical terminology, including definitions, associated terms, and pronunciations, as well as relevant drugs used to treat the disorders discussed, explaining their classifications and therapeutic actions.

    Table of Contents
    Physiology and the Concept of Homeostasis. Plasma Membrane. Membrane Potential. Electrical Signals. Synaptic Transmission. The Nervous System. Sensory Physiology. The Spinal Cord. Pain. The Automatic Nervous System. The Endocrine System. The Reproductive System. Skeletal Muscle. Smooth Muscle. Cardiac Physiology. Cardiac Output. The Circulatory System. Blood and Hemostasis. The Immune System. The Respiratory System. The Digestive System. The Renal System.

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