Work in the 21st Century: An Introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Frank L. Landy, Jeffrey M. Conte
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1 ene. 2008
Work in the 21st Centuryis the highly regarded, most current and engaging text for the industrial and organizational psychology course. Combining leading research, consulting, and teaching expertise, Frank Landy and Jeff Conte provide students with up-to-date examples and cases that link current research and theory to practical issues in the workplace.
  • Modular approach: The text features self-contained sections within chapters, for maximum teaching flexibility. Each module ends with point summaries and key terms.
  • Cutting-edge topics and research coverage: Includes the Five Factor Theory of Personality, the Big Eight theory of competencies, emotional intelligence, culture and emotions, genetics and job satisfaction, achieving balance between work and non-work, stress and violence, organizational citizenship, measuring motivation, integrity testing, entrepreneurship, computer-based assessment, counterproductive work performance, male vs. female leaders, cross cultural teams, bullying, and more.
  • Emphasis on critical thinking: supplementary critical thinking questions present situations and ask students to apply the principles and concepts they've learned in that section.
  • Case Studies and Boxes provide concrete examples of the issues involved in work and behavior in various applied settings, for example the role of I-O Psychology in the Iraq War and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Clear, articulate explanations: The clear prose and interesting examples make the book accessible to a wide range of students.
  • Ancillaries include: Instructor's Manual, Test Bank, Study Guide, Power Point Slides, and a dedicated website at

  • Preface.

    Part 1: Fundamentals:.

    1. What is Industrial and Organizational Psychology?.

    2. Methods and Statistics in I-O Psychology.

    Part II: Industrial Psychology:.

    3. Individual Differences and Assessment.

    4. Understanding Performance.

    5. Performance Measurement.

    6. Staffing Decisions.

    7. Training and Development.

    Part III: Organizational Psychology:.

    8. The Motivation to Work.

    9. Attitudes, Emotions, and Work.

    10. Stress and Worker Well-being.

    11. Fairness and Diversity in the Workplace.

    12. Leadership.

    13. Teams in Organizations.

    14. The Organization of Work Behavior.




    Name Index.

    Subject Index

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