Topley and Wilson's Microbiology and Microbial Infections: Medical Mycology (include free CD)

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William G. Merz, Roderick J. Hay
Hodder Arnold
Fecha Publicacion
27 abr. 2007
Increased interest from academic, industrial, and government scientists in the pathogenic molds and yeasts has stimulated research that has resulted in a significant expansion of our knowledge of the biology, molecular genetics, clinical expression, diagnosis, and management of fungal diseases. Medical Mycology has therefore been thoroughly revised and updated for this edition to include coverage of all newly identified and emerging fungal pathogens or fungal infections, innovative research, and the development of applications of new technology in the field. Medical Mycology provides comprehensive coverage of the pathogenic fungi and the diseases they cause. The volume covers the history, the biologic and molecular taxonomy of the fungal pathogens, diagnostic techniques, and integration of newer antifungal agents and strategies for the management of fungal pathogens, followed by detailed reviews of the etiological agents grouped by the principle sites that they target and the host response they elicit. Medical Mycology is an important resource for all members of the medical mycology community and associated disciplines, including research scientists, clinical laboratory scientists, infectious disease specialists and other clinicians, and epidemiologists. It will also be a powerful resource and inspiration for students interested in studying the relationship between the fungi and their hosts, leading to the diverse infections that they cause. • Contains the latest information on epidemiology, identification, classification, and new and emerging infections, all supported by the basic science that underlies infectious disease • Fully integrated color for the first time with color illustrations throughout • An international acclaimed editorial team and a highly respected group of contributors, drawing on expertise from over 20 countries • All of the information in the book is also available on a fully-searchable CD-ROM Table of Contents: Part I: Background and basic information Historical introduction: evolution of knowledge of the fungi and mycoses from Hippocrates to the twenty-first century Edouard Drouhet Kingdom Fungi: fungal phylogeny and systematics Thomas G. Mitchell Fungal structure and morphology Paul F. Lehmann Laboratory diagnosis Glenn D. Roberts, Norman L. Goodman Mycoserology and molecular diagnosis Ruth Matthews and James P. Burnie Histopathological diagnosis of mycotic diseases Henrik Elvang Jensen and Francis W. Chandler Part II: Therapeutic agents and vaccines Antifungal agents and antifungal susceptibility testing Sanjay G. Revankar, John R. Graybill, and Thomas F. Patterson, Principles of antifungal therapy Peter G. Pappas Resistance to antifungal agents Sevtap Arikan and John H. Rex Management of superficial infections Jeff Weeks and Boni Elewski Part III: Superficial and ocular fungal infections White piedra, black piedra and tinea nigra G. Sybren de Hoog and Eveline Guého Superficial diseases caused by Malassezia species Vicente Crespo Erchiga and Eveline Guého The dermatophytes Arvind A. Padhye and Richard C. Summerbell Dermatomycotic molds Colin K. Campbell and Elizabeth M. Johnson Superficial candidiasis Paul L. Fidel, Jr. and Karen L. Wozniak Oculomycosis Philip A. Thomas and P Geraldine Part IV: Subcutaneous mycoses Subcutaneous zygomycoses David H. Ellis Chromoblastomycosis Philippe Esterre Sporotrichosis Roberto Arenas Eumycetomas Roderick J.Hay Protothecosis R. Scott Pore Pythiosis Leonel Mendoza Lobomycosis Sinésio Talhari and Roger Pradinaud Rhinosporidiosis Sarath N. Arseculeratne and Leonel Mendoza Part V: Systemic mycoses due to dimorphic fungi Blastomycosis Arthur F. Di Salvo and Bruce S. Klein Coccidioidomycosis Demosthenes Pappagianis Histoplasmosis Ram P. Tewari, L. Joseph Wheat and L. Ajello Paracoccidioidomycosis Gil Benard and Marcello Franco Penicilliosis Maria Anna Viviani and Nongnuch Vanittanakom Part VI: Systemic mycoses caused by opportunistic fungi Candidiasis Esther Segal and Daniel Elad Serious infections caused by uncommon yeasts Janine R. Maenza and William G. Merz Cryptococcosis John R. Perfect and Gary M. Cox Systemic zygomycosis David H. Ellis Aspergillosis Malcolm D. Richardson Deep phaeohyphomycosis Chester R. Cooper, Jr. Deep hyalohyphomycosis Caroline B. Moore and David W. Denning Pneumocystis pneumonia Melanie T. Cushion Part VII: Unusual disease presentations by fungi Adiaspiromycosis and other infections caused by Emmonsia species Lynne Sigler
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