Cambridge Textbook of Effective Treatments in Psychiatry

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Peter Tyrer, Kenneth R. Silk
Cambridge University Press
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2008
This is a book of psychiatry at its most practical level. It aims to answer the sorts of questions psychiatrists ask on a daily basis. What treatments are available for the condition that I think this patient has? What is the relative value of each of these treatments? Are there any other treatments that I should be considering if a first approach has failed? Is there any value in combinations of treatment? And, can I be sure that the evidence and recommendations I read are free from bias? The content is organised into three sections covering disease classification, the major treatment modalities and the application of these treatments to the wide range of psychiatric diagnoses. All professionals in mental health want to give the best treatments for their patients. This book provides clinicians with the knowledge and guidance to achieve this aim. • Provides practical, clinical guidance on treating psychiatric disorders • Covers the widest range of treatment modalities and diagnostic categories • Written by an international team of independent experts and based on the best evidence available Contents Part I. Introduction; Part II. Summary of Treatment Modalities in Psychiatric Disorders; Part III. Specific Treatments.
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