Spinal Arthroplasty with DVD

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Alexander R. Vaccaro, Stephen Papadopoulos, Vincent Traynelis, Regis Haid, Jr., Rick Sasso
Fecha Publicacion
1 ene. 2007
1. The Debate of Fusion and Non-fusion Strategies for Symptomatic Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease
2. The debate of Fusion and Non-fusion Strategies for Symptomatic Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease
3. History of Spinal Fusion
4. History of Motion-Sparing Surgery
5. Anatomy
a. Cervical Spine
b. Lumbar Spine
6. Spinal Biomechanics
7. Spinal Imaging – Intervertebral Disc and Facet Degeneration
8. The Effects of Fusion and Motion Sparing Procedures on the Biomechanics of the Spine
9. Biomaterials in Spinal Arthroplasty
10. Total Disc Athroplasty: Clinical Indications and Surgical Approach
a. Cervical Spine
b. Lumbar Spine
11. Cervical Arthroplasty: Biomechanics, Design Considerations, Clinical Outcome
a. Overview of Cervical Arthroplasty: Biomechanics and Design Considerations c. Prestige Disc, LP
d. Prodisc C
e. PCM
12. Posterior Cervical Motion Sparing Technology- Biomechanics, Design Considerations, and Clinical Outcome
13. Lumbar Anular and Intra-discal Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease
a. Genetic Engineering
b. Anular Repair: Anulex Tech and Barricaid Intrinsic Therapeutic
c. Nucleoplasty
14. Lumbar Nucleus Pulposus Replacement
a. Ray Medica PDN
b. Neudisc-Replication Medica
c. Nucore-Spinewave
d. Nautilus
e. Newcleus (Spiral)
f. DASCOR-Disc Dynamics
g. Sinitec-Depuy Spine Sinux
h. Biomet-EBI
i. Biodisc-Cryolife
j. Aquarelle-Stryker
15. Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty - Biomechanics, Design Considerations, and Clinical Outcome
a. Lumbar Disc Arthroplasty – Biomechanics and Design Considerations
b. Charite
c. Prodisc
d. Maverick
e. Spinecore
f. Mobidisk
16. Facet Arthroplasty-Archus Orthopedics and Facet Solutions
17. Lumbar Posterior Motion Sparing Technology
a. Dynamic Rodding: Globus Spiral Rod, Dynesis- Zimmer, Graf Ligomentoplasty, Scientx, and Biorthex OrthoBiom
b. Dynamic Stenosis Management: St Francis Medical X-Stop, Spine Next Wallis, Fixano Interspinous, DIAM Medronics, and Tension Band System
18. Complications of Motion Sparing Surgery
19. Revision Strategies for Failed Cervical Arthroplasty
20. Revision Strategies for Failed Lumbar Arthroplasty
21. Retrieval Analysis of Arthroplasty Devices
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