Advances in Esophageal Pain

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Ravinder K. Mittal
Plural Pub Inc
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1 mar. 2009
During the last quarter century, there has been an explosion of knowledge in the areas of visceral and esophageal pain. The effectiveness of acid inhibition drugs (proton pump inhibitors), still the mainstay of treatment, is increasingly questioned as significant numbers of patients show little benefit from such therapy. Newer mechanisms of esophageal pain have been uncovered during last twenty years and it is quite clear that novel approaches are emerging in the treatment of pain. Comprising contributions for leading expert authors, this is the first in-depth coverage of all aspects of esophageal pain. In great detail, chapters cover the scope of the problem; basic science – with regards to the nature of neural pathways, receptors involved in sensing pain and the role of central nervous system in sensing the pain; different stimuli responsible for the genesis of esophageal pain, including the role of acid, muscle spasm and reflux; hypersensitivity of pain receptors, spinal nerves and central nervous system; current state of the art in diagnosis and treatment strategies; and, lastly, newer pharmacological treatments currently in research and trial stages. CONTENTS Introduction Heartburn and Esophageal Pain: Scope of the Problem, John Dent, MD, PhD Basics of Esophageal Pain Nature of the Pain Receptors, Ashley Blackshaw, PhD Vagal and Spinal Pathways of Esophageal Pain, Raj K. Goyal, MD Central Mechanisms of Pain Amplification, Emeran Mayer, MD Stimuli Leading to Pain Biomechanics of Esophageal Sensation, Hans Gregersen, MD, PhD Longitudinal Muscle Contraction, TLESR, Reflux and Pain, Ravinder Mittal, MD Role of Esophageal Mucosa in Heartburn and Chest Pain, Roy Orlando, MD Role of Neutral Reflux (Low Acid or Alkaline) in Typical and Atypical Esophageal Symptoms, Daniel Sifrim MD, PhD Non-Erosive Reflux Disease, Functional Heartburn and Chest Pain: What is it? Ronnie Fass, MD Peripheral and Central Mechanisms of Sensitivity and Hypersensitivity Mechanism and Peripheral Stimuli of Visceral Pain, Sushil Sarna, PhD Molecular Pathways and Their Sensitization, Jay Pasricha, MD Cortical Pathways of Esophageal Pain, Reza Shaker, MD Sensitization of the Spinal and Cortical Pain Pathways, Qasim Aziz, MD, PhD Diagnosis and Management of Esophageal Pain Diagnostic Strategies for Esophageal Pain, Peter Kahrilas, MD How to Treat Esophageal Pain, Satish Rao, MD, PhD Drugs on the Horizon for Esophageal Pain, Anders Lehman PhD Index
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